ICPF Tech for Engineers from abroad

For Engineers from abroad.

ICPF – Tech is a one-year study program offered by IAS and Allensbach university with the objective of enabling international students for Higher Studies in Germany. This program prepares students in German (A1-C1 Level), Technical German and includes company/industry visits, seminars, social and cultural integration courses. 60+ Credit Points can be earned.

New: Engineering Management module:

We updated the ICPF – Tech course with an Engineering management module to equip students with modern-day management knowledge so that they perform better in today’s demanding industrial environments and they have wider opportunities. The module includes the following:

– Management and Organization

– Engineering Management

– Project Management

– Production and Operation Management

– Value Engineering

– Strategic Planning Forecasting/Risk/Contengincy/Estimation

– Agile/Lean Product/JIT

– Modern issues in Management

At the end of the course, students are required to write an entrance exam for Bachelors/Masters. Upon clearing the exam (DSH/TestDaF/Telc), students are eligible to apply for Bachelors or Masters Degree in Germany across 180+ Universities in Germany.

ICPF - Tech now with Engineering Management



Management has become an integral part of the industry today and multiple skills have become the norm of business. IAS responds to this need-of-the-hour by integrating a management module in its ICPF – Tech course. This module is meant to strengthen the business acumen of students by familiarizing them with management principles and tools. This will prepare students to perform better in modern-day industry environments and maximizes their opportunities across the spectrum.


Power up your resume with Management Skills

Completed 13 years of Studies (12+1 year at university or Master/Bachelors Completed).

Admission Procedure

In order to get an admission to ICPF Tech all documents should be sent to us ( in proper format along with our APPLICATION FORM. It is very important that students follow these rules and send their documents in perfect order for a smooth and fast processing.

Intercultural Program for Freshmen

ICPF Med is a one-year study program, offered by IAS College and University of Allensbach, with the objective of preparing qualified foreign medical doctors for higher studies or for further specialization in Germany. During ICPF Med participants can attain credit points, which can be used partly for later Master Studies, depending on the choice of subject and university.

ICPF Med offers a wide range of contents. It combines theory with practical relation.

German Language will be taught from basics to advanced and participants benefit from a special training in medical terminology.

Much more than a language program: Intercultural integration, industry visits (e.g. medical companies) and observerships in hospitals belong to ICPF Med as well as an especially for foreign medical doctors designed medical module:

The Medical Module of ICPF Med includes:

– Basic vocabulary
– The German health system
– The anamnesis
– Physical examination
– The psychiatric exploration
– The patient presentation
– Apparative diagnostics
– Conversation among Medical Doctors/Doctor-Patient
– Intercultural communication
– Hold a lecture
– Written documentation (Case Sheet writing)


AQUAS – Academic qualification for University of Applied Sciences in Germany by IAS College and Designschule Schwerin:

Through AQUAS students from abroad have the possibility to receive the final exam certification „Fachhochschulreife“, which allows to pursue further Bachelor studies at German Universities of Applied Sciences afterwards.

Students can go on  studying any subject of choice offered by the University of Applied Sciences

What is PAP?

PAP is a 15 months preparation program for “Kenntnisprüfung” (knowledge exam) especially designed for international nurses.
This program prepares candidates in German language, subject-oriented language and knowhow of theory, practical training like internships in German hospitals. Intercultural competences will also be taught. The curriculum is coordinated with German ministry of health and social affairs (LAGuS) and conducted in cooperation with DAA (Deutsche Angestellten Akademie). The participants are eligible to do “Kenntnisprüfung” after successful completion of the PAP coursework. Having completed this exam, the foreign nurses are allowed to work as recognized nurse in Germany.


– German language (General + nursing – related)
– Nursing curriculum (hospital nursing)
– Internships in hospitals


– Completed diploma, vocational training, bachelor or master in nursing + official recognition as nurses in their home country (certificate or card of registration as nurse)

Why PAP?

German hospitals face a lack of nurses.
“Already, there is a lack of personnel everywhere because in the past – for economic reasons – many jobs were cut and fewer nurses were trained. According to the ver.di trade union, 70,000 skilled workers are already missing nationwide in nursing. 40,000 additional specialists would be needed in geriatric care. And this problem will become even more severe in the future. According to forecasts of the German Nursing Council, 300,000 nurses will be missing by 2030.”