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    Learning German the smart way

    It was an interesting language class with Ms. Kotitschke on 30th August. The exercise in which all students were asked to converse with each other only in German was fun, as they practiced their German and became more aware of the nuances of quite a few medical terms.

    German Career Application

    Mr. Schulz, Head of Student Affairs at IAS College conducted a lecture for ICPF-Med and ICPF-Tech batches, providing them with clear guidance as to how to apply for career and further studies in Germany, as well as the process of German language exam, medical German exams and most importantly, how to acquire permanent license in Germany as a doctor. He also covered MAP preparation for approbation by IAS College.

    All the way to Germany

    Jay Ravani, one of the new AQUAS aspirants, brought IAS faculty pure joy, when he came to visit us, with his family. Head of Student Affairs Mr. Schulz personally guided the family through our campus and the city of Schwerin. Thank you Jay and the family, IAS will be always glad to welcome aspirants who would like to visit the campus. As for Jay, we expect you to join your term in 2018.

    Summer Semester 2015 - First German vocabulary competition

    We are happy to show some pictures from the ICPF group and from the three best students.


    Hostel rooms and living area

    Summer Semester 2016 Events

    Events organized by IAS for ICPF Students

    Arrival in Germany

    Arrival in Germany



    Study in Germany

    Study in Germany

    Doctors Enlightened

    ICPF-Med students (WS16 and Summer 2017 batches) had a highly informative session by kassenärztliche Vereinigung (Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians) where they learned about all the possibilities of a Facharzt in General medicine or dermatology or Hausarzt (General Practitioner). The session was an eye-opener for students and they found it helpful to plan the next step

    German Center in India

    German Center in India