Inter Cultural Program for Freshman (ICPF)

IAS in collaboration with WINGS (Wismar International Graduation Services) a division of University of Technology, Business & Design, Wismar, offer one-year unique freshman program to all International students and doctor candidates. The program fits for foreign students those who want to pursue their higher education in Germany on the one hand and on the other hand it is in great demand by qualified foreign doctors who would like to do their medical specialization (Facharztausbildung) in Germany.

1. Advantages for foreign students:

   Help with formalities concerning entry to Germany
   IAS cares for your accomodation
   Provisional admission to Universities after ICPF
   Hassle free admission process
   German Language classes with DSH Examination at the end
   Career-oriented Certificate courses
   Group Discussions, Seminars, Company Talks, Industrial Visits are part of the
        course work

      and much more ................

2. Advantages for doctor candidates:

   Help with formalities concerning entry to Germany
   IAS cares for your accomodation
   If required preparation for approbation documents
   No waiting periods
    German Language classes up to level C1
    Career-oriented and cultural-oriented program (including Group Discussions,
        Seminars, Company Talks, Industrial Visits are part of the course work)
    Contacts to hospitals, talks to doctors, possibility of observatoryships
    Letter of intent (LOI) from hospitals or from medical partners

With our admission letter, students and doctor candidates can apply for German VISA and can come over to Germany to start their ICPF coursework.

Students will also receive a Pre-Conditional University Admission letter for Bachelors or Masters or MBA Programs. Doctor candidates will receive a letter of intent (LOI) instead.

Upon successful completion of the ICPF program, Students can start their degree courses  in either ( Bachelors or Masters or MBA ) at Wismar University of Applied Sciences or at  other Universities.

For doctor candidates: In Germany there are no MD studies as you have in India. You can only work in Germany as Assistenzarzt (assisant doctors) and register yourself under an hospital/Chief doctor to do Facharzt (Medical Specialization). This takes around 6 years.

Who can get our Admission?

Higher Secondary School (12th Class) or have completed 1st year of Bachelors
Bachelors (3 or 4 years completed)
Masters (completed)

More information on How to apply & get admitted click here or can be found under the menu ICPF Admission 

ICPF Program Module:

The core elements of this freshman program are Intercultural and Professional  competence leading to a successful academic degree/medical specialization (Facharztausbildung) followed by a great career. This one year program offers its participants a big number of opportunities for educational and cultural exchange through interaction with German and international communities, Industries, Companies and with those involved in various cultural fields both on and off campus. Everyone enrolled in the program can benefit from this unique experience. It is a grand offer, come and enjoy the career-changing program.
. Academic Integration for a successful start to their studies or medical education (Facharztausbildung) in Germany, and it covers preparatory studies in language, culture and academic methods.
. Career Integration prepares students and doctor candidates for a smooth transition from academics to career by creating huge network and offer joint programs with companies, talks by prominent personalities, Industrial visits, seminars, exhibitions, self development programs etc. This creates a great opportunity for later part-time jobs, Internships and access to German Job market. During ICPF only observatoryships are possible.
. Social Integration includes joint activities of international and German students on a social and culture basis, which in turn helps foreign students to accustom to a new environment. IAS also searches german families or persons who like to communicate with the ICPF students.

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