Admission for Winter Semester 2014 is open! The International Academy of Students and FHM Schwerin (University of Applied Sciences Schwerin) offer three kinds of Courses:

ICPF – Inter Cultural Program for Freshman for

1.       Engineers
2.       Medical Doctors

New! Course for Pupils - Pre-Studies Program (PSP)


ICPF for Engineers


Those who have completed Bachelors and looking for a Masters admission or finished first year in a University/College and wanted to join Bachelors in Germany can apply for this program.

It´s an one year Program with German Language basic to advance (A1-C1), Technical, Business, Social and Integration courses (University language entrance exam at the end- after passing are eligible join in more than 180 Universities in Germany).

If Student prefers to have a Pre-Conditional University letter (i.e getting an Admission in Prior) is also possible with our collaborating Universities under the condition that the Students do join that particular University after passing the Exam.

Check whether you are eligible for this Program here, If yes send your application for further proofing.

ICPF for Medical Doctors


Medical doctors interested to do their MD Specialization

In Germany there is no MD Specialization studies (FACHARZT Ausbildung). Candidates can work in a Hospital and then simultaneously undergo Specialization training under the Chief Doctor. To do this the Candidates need to have minimum B2 level German as well as Medical German Skill (A rule introduced recently by the Health Ministry and is included in ICPF Curriculum). After passing this exam candidates can apply for their Medical Permit.

During ICPF candidates learn German till C1 level, Medical German and also undergo rigorous Observatory time at a Hospital.

Candidates also receive Letter of Intent (LOI) from Hospital/medical partners to help them in finding a job as this is a must to undergo any MD specialization in Germany and to get a medical permit. For further information follow this link:

Check whether you are eligible for this Program here, If yes send your application for further proofing.

  Pre-Studies Program


Students who have completed Schooling and want to pursue Bachelors in Germany can join this Program. It is a One-year program where Students as in First year of Engineering Bachelors undergo Mathematics, Information Technology, Physics, Chemistry or Business studies. At the end they write either an Internal Exam to join that particular collaborating University or external Exam and if passed can apply for all Universities in Germany.