IAS-FHM Courses

The International Academy of Students (IAS) and FHM Schwerin (University of Applied Sciences, Schwerin) offer three kinds of Courses:

1. Inter Cultural Program for Freshman (ICPF) for
a.    Engineers (ICPF-Tech)
b.    Medical Doctors (ICPF-Med)

2. Pre-Studies Program (PSP) Course for Pupils New!
1.a) ICPF-Tech for Engineers

Students, those who have completed Bachelors and looking for a Masters admission and those who have finished first year in a University/College and want to join Bachelors in Germany, can apply for this program.
It´s an one year Study-Preparatory Program with German Language: basics till advanced level (A1-C1), Technical language, Business, Social and Integration courses. At the end of the coursework students need to write DSH or TestDaf. Upon successful completion ICPF Tech-participants can apply for Bachelors/Master studies at more than 180 Universities in Germany. 
Note: If Student prefers to have a Pre-Conditional University letter (i.e getting an Admission in Prior) is also possible with our collaborating Universities under the condition that the Students do join that particular University after passing the Exam.

Overview of ICPF Tech:

•    Technical German
•    Industrial visits
•    Exhibitions and Seminars
•    Personal development classes
•    Partner programs (e.g. SAP)
•    Cultural programs
•    Social and cultural integration

Who can apply?
Completed 13 years of studies (12+1 year at University) or Bachelor/Master completed.

When to apply?

Every year ICPF offer admissions for

Summer Semester (SS) (March/April) & Winter Semester (WS) (September/October).

Which documents are required?
•    ICPF application form
•    Secondary Schooling or equivalent (both Front & Back Page)
•    Higher Secondary or equivalent  (both Front & Back Page)
•  Consolidated mark sheets from the current University or College (If coursework 111 completed)                         
•    Individual Semesterwise Marksheets
•  Provisional Certificate ( Note: We do not accept the course completion 111certificate as an equivalent)
•    Degree Certificate (If applicable)
•    Photocopy of passport (front and back page)
•    Extra curricular activity certificates (if any)
•   Language proficiency test results (Can also be produced before   admission 111but a must for Visa Processing) (IELTS 5.0 or above (TOEFL, GRE, 111Cambridge tests are also accepted)   
•    German Language Certificate (If any)
•    Professional passport size photo graph with good resolution (as Jpeg, Gif,
      PNG, Tiff etc titled)
•    Complete personal details (CV, Resume) as .doc/.docx file or any other
      editable format.
•   Work experience Certificates (If any)

All as a single PDF file named (Candidates Full Name-Marksheets.pdf)

1.b) ICPF-Med for Medical Doctors

This one-year coursework is especially for foreign medical doctors those who would like to pursue further studies in Germany. In Germany there are no MD Specialization studies. After ICPF Med IAS recommends to do Master of Medical Administration (MMA) at University of Applied Sciences.

ICPF Med is similar organized as ICPF Tech. ICPF Med is not only a German language program the curriculum also includes hospitations (observatoryships) where the candidates have the opportunity to observe the functioning of German hospitals, rules & regulations, softwares in use, handling of various modern healthcare systems, how patients are handled (Note: under no circumstances the candidates will handle or prescribe medicine to patients directly during the ICPF-Med coursework)

Overview ICPF-Med

- German Language level C1
- Medical language and healthcare training
- Hospital simulations
- Hospitation (Observatoryship)
- GMK exam*- preparation

- Preparation for MMA studies at FHM University

* What does GMK mean? – GMK is an exam conducted by the Medical council of Germany. This exam proofs whether a candidate is eligible to work as a medical doctor. It proofs the medical skill, language skill, case sheet writing, patient handling and discussion with colleagues.

Who can apply?

Foreign medical doctors with very good qualifications. MBBS finished or Diploma in Medicine.
Application Forms/documents and deadlines are same as ICPF-Tech.

When applying for ICPF Med students have to send a statement of purpose for Master of Medical Administration (MMA), too.

When to apply?
Summer Semester (SS) (March/April) & Winter Semester (WS) (September/October).

FAQ´s ICPF Tech and Med

-    For which visa shall I apply for?
-    Can I work/earn money during ICPF?
-    What is included in tuition fees?

These and other typical questions find under “
FAQ ”.

2) PSP - Pre-Studies Program

Students who have completed schooling and want to pursue Bachelors in Germany can join this program. As per German rules, foreign students need to show 13 years of schooling or 12 years plus 1 year of university education to join any kind of bachelors in Germany. PSP is a pre - university program. The coursework enables students to join bachelors after completion of the coursework.
Studying PSP provides beginners with a solid academic foundation in the individual disciplines of economics and engineering. Specialized German courses bring their language skills to an adequate level while highly qualified lecturers and a learning-enhanced atmosphere prepare the PSP-beginner for studying at a German university.
The students undergo Mathematics, Information Technology, Physics, Chemistry or Business studies. The graduates of PSP are eligible to take the final examination (FSP) at the end of the program.

Students can write either an Internal Exam to join at FHM for Bachelor studies or an external Exam and if passed can apply for almost all Universities in Germany.

Overview PSP-Courses:
•    T-Course for technical studies – subjects are german, physics,
      mathematics, chemistry, english
•    W-Course for business-studies –subjects are german, english, mathematics,
       economics, business studies
•    M-Course (coming soon) for medical studies – subjects are biology,
      mathematics, chemistry, german, english


•    Language and subject-oriented program
•    Gateway to Bachelor studies in engineering / economics or medicine
       related studies in Germany 

Who can apply?
Foreign pupils, who finished schooling and would like to start Bachelor studies in engineering or economics or medical related fields in Germany.

When to apply?
Summer Semester (SS) (March/April) & Winter Semester (WS) (September/October).

Application documents
•    Copy of your secondary-school certificate and, if applicable, a university
       entrance exam certificate of your home country
•    Officially certified translation of your original certificates (if the originals
       are not in German or English) 
•    Proof of sufficient German/English language proficiency
•    Résumé in tabular form
•    Two passport-size photos
•    Passport copy