AQUAS – Academic qualification for University of Applied Sciences in Germany by IAS College and Designschule Schwerin:

Through AQUAS students from abroad have the possibility to receive the final exam certification „Fachhochschulreife“, which allows to pursue further Bachelor studies at German Universities of Applied Sciences afterwards.

Students can go on  studying any subject of choice offered by the University of Applied Sciences




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Who can apply for AQUAS?

-11th class or 12th class finished and extra  certificate of in the broadest sense technical skills ( internship, any job experience or certificate courses,
e.g. gaming, programming, drawing, Photoshop or in any technicl field)

-Diploma in technical field (10 + 3)/vocational training in technical field (note: technical in the broadest sense, can also be some kind of art/design)

Note: No German language in advance required!

Which documents are required for application? Note: every document must be notarized!

1.    AQUAS application form
2.    Declaration form (I apply through...)
3.    Secondary Schooling or equivalent (both front & back page)
4.    Completed 11 or 12 years of schooling (Higher Secondary or equivalent)
5.    Skill certificate (e.g. internships, extra curricular, job experience, part-time work)
6.    Diploma Certificate/Certificate of vocational training in technical field (if available)
7.    Photocopy of passport (front and back page)
8.    Extra curricular activity certificates (if any)
9.    Language proficiency test results (Can also be produced before admission but a must for Visa Processing) (IELTS 5.0 or above, PTE, TOEFL, GRE, Cambridge tests are also accepted) .
10.  German Language Certificate (If any)
11.  Professional passport size photo graph with good resolution (as Jpeg, Gif, PNG, Tiff etc titled)
12.  Complete personal details (CV, Resume) as .doc/.docx file or any other editable format.


Having successfully finished AQUAS students can choose from a wide range of study offers at German Universities of Applied Sciences.

They can apply for the field of their choice at every Universtiy of Applied Sciences in Germany.

AQUAS - duration 1 year:

German langugage
Technical related subjects
Social and cultural program
Final exam which allows to study at Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany (subject as per students´ choice)


NO. If you have just 12 years of schooling you cannot. You need 13 years of education to start your Bachelor studies in Germany.

Yes you are eligible for AQUAS when having Diploma (in the broadest sense in technical field)

AQUAS is only addressed to applicants with technical qualifications. As a result Human Medicine is Not possible after AQUAS.

No, no German language in advance is required.

The Course fees for AQUAS include the following:

- Airport Pick up service

- Tuition fees

- Study materials

- Final exam

- Liability insurance

- Health insurance

- Accommodation

- Local transport ticket

- Intercultural Program

- Care and Assistance during the program

IAS College organizes accommodations when applicants send their filled application request form at the latest two weeks before arrival in Germany to IAS College Student office.

Most of our new students will be staying at the following address (We request students to give this address for Visa purposes):

Accommodation ADDRESS:

Geibelstraße 1

19055, Schwerin

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