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ICPF Tech for Engineers from abroad

ICPF Tech is a one year course offered by IAS and FHM with the objective to prepare international students for university studies in Germany.

This program prepares students in - German (A1-C1 Level), Technical German and includes company/industry visits, seminars, social and cultural integration courses.

At the end of the course, students need to write a final exam (Entrance for Bachelors/Masters).

Upon clearing the exam, students are eligible to apply for Bachelors or Masters studies across 180+ Universities in Germany.

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Completed 13 years of Studies (12+1 year at university or Master/Bachelors Completed).

In order to get an admission to ICPF Tech all documents should be sent to us (admissions@iaos.de) in proper format along with our APPLICATION FORM. It is very important that students follow these rules and send their documents in perfect order for a smooth and fast processing. Documents that are incomplete or in improper format will not be processed for admission.

Application documents in need:

School and university marksheets/degree certificates have to be notarial attested!!!

  1. ICPF/PSP application form
  2. Secondary Schooling or equivalent (both front & back page)
  3. Higher Secondary or equivalent  (both front & back page)
  4. Consolidated mark sheets from the current University or College (If coursework completed)         
  5. Individual Semester Wise Marksheets
  6. Provisional Certificate ( Note: We do not accept the course completion certificate as an equivalent) 
  7. Degree Certificate (If applicable) 
  8. Photocopy of passport (front and back page) 
  9. Extra curricular activity certificates (if any)
  10. Language proficiency test results (Can also be produced before admission but a must for Visa Processing) (IELTS 5.0 or above, PTE, TOEFL, GRE, Cambridge tests are also accepted) .
  11. German Language Certificate (If any) 
  12. Professional passport size photo graph with good resolution (as Jpeg, Gif, PNG, Tiff etc titled) 
  13. Complete personal details (CV, Resume) as .doc/.docx file or any other editable format. 
  14. Work experience Certificates (If any)

Upon clearing the final exam at the end of ICPF Tech, students are eligible to apply for Bachelors or Masters studies across 180+ Universities in Germany.


- Technical German

- Industrial Visits

- Exhibition and Seminars

- Personality Development Classes

- Industry Oriented Partner Programs

- Cultural Programs

- Social & Cultural Integration


No, you need not. ICPF Tech-participants will learn the German language from the beginning in Germany at FHM campus.

Do I need to prove my English Proficiency even though I studied completely in English?

Yes. English proficiency test results needs to be provided (IELTS, PTE, Cambridge Test, Toefl etc.). This is to prove that the student is able to communicate in one foreign language without a problem. If the student also has proficiency in German (B1 level) & could speak and understand, the english results are not necessary anymore.

The Course fees for ICPF-Tech include the following:

- Tuition fees

- Study materials

- Examination fees

- Integration and Social Programs

- Care and Assistance

In general, blocked account is opened in the name of the Student him/herself. The money the student deposits in it is used to cover the cost of living (food, clothes, leisure activities), accommodation, any other administrative fees etc. In general this money is to cover the everyday living cost.

Note: For PSP, for ICPF Tech and for ICPF Med a Blocked Account is necessary!

Get information on opening a Blocked Account here.

Various partners work with us in providing hostel rooms for our Students. Student hostels are available for PSP/ICPF students and they can write an email to us to request for an Accommodation. The rent ranges from 225 to 250€ and mostly are twin sharing rooms with Bathroom & Kitchen. A deposit of 2 months rent is required to be paid upfront upon taking the Hostel rooms.

Most of our new students will be staying at the following address (We request students to give this address for Visa purposes)


Wismarsche Strasse 218

19057, Schwerin


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in General only students with 16 years of studies can join ICPF Tech but there is an option for student's with 3 years of Bachelors (Science/Management/Arts/Business) to join ICPF Tech. Upon completion of the coursework, the students continue to study further masters in the same field. They cannot change their field of study for further studies say a student with bachelor of Physics or English can only go further to study Masters in that same field only.


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