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Master of Medical Administration (MMA).
The Master of Medical Administration (MMA) curriculum is designed in such a way that it allows students to get a very special degree in medical field. The pre-condition for joining the Masters is that the students must have a bachelor in medicine or a Diploma in medicine.

MMA is a must study program for Medical Students with Bachelors or Diploma as this helps them to gain skill sets related to medical administration, German Law, personal and administrative skills. Also MMA will pave way for future career growth.

MMA studies include all-round theoretical subjects and practical study. For more detailed information about the courses go through the MMA curriculum:

1. Applied Medical Science
- Radiation protection
- Hygiene management
- Clinical diagnostics
- Use of medicinal products 

2. Medical Equipment
- Introduction into medical related instruments
- Explanation of medical equipment (like narcosis/anesthesia,
artificial respiration, medical ultrasonic)

3. German Health Care System
- Historical Development
- Sectors: stationary, ambulant, rehabilitation

4. Legal Basics
- German law
- Penal law and public law
5. Documentation, data protection, information systems
- Basics of documentation and IT
6. Quality Management
- Basics 
- Interpersonal communication
7. Empirical research
- Effective learning
- Basic methodology

MMA offers a wide range of topics related to medicine. Thereby the skills of the participants get enhanced. MMA - A better opportunity to gain a diverse knowledge base, which goes hand in hand with their medical knowledge.

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