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Various partners work with us in providing hostel rooms/accommodation for our Students. Student hostels are available for PSP/ICPF students and they need to fill the Accommodation Acceptance Form and send it to our International office ( The rooms are very scarce at the moment in all German cities and we recommend students to write to us to reserve a room. Once a room is confirmed the students will receive further instructions from the international office.

The rent varies from 225 to 250€ and mostly are twin sharing rooms with Bathroom & Kitchen. A deposit of 2 months rent is required to be paid upfront upon taking the Hostel rooms. Students with special request should mail us in prior about their specific requirements.

All the Hostel rooms are provided by the partners so the students must sign a separate rent contract with the providers. In general all Hostel contracts are for minimum 6 months with a fixed cancellation time (in general 3 months).

Most of our new students will be staying at the following address (We request students to give this address for Visa purposes)


Wismarsche Strasse 218

19057, Schwerin


External Providers:

Apart from our partners there are also many other providers who offer rooms for students. There are of different types: sharing, individual houses, apartments etc. Students can also use these following links to find rooms on their own.

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