About IAOS


The International Academy of Students (IAS) - is an associate academy of FHM whereby all the International Programs conducted at our campuses are managed. IAS is responsible for the Admission process (Documents, Fees, Skype Interviews, Admission letter etc), Management of the courseworks especially ICPF -Tech, ICPF-Med, & also PSP.

Apart from this IAS also manages our International relations, coordination with regional partners in different South-East Asian countries.

FHM University of Applied Sciences - Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM) is a private, non-profit and state-approved University of Applied Sciences. FHM has been founded in the year 2000 by the Siemens/Nixdorf foundation inorder to offer high quality studies for students. Since then it has developed into one of the most successful private universities in Germany and established itself as a reliable partner of medium-sized enterprises. We at FHM offer various International Programs, Bachelor & Master Programs which are career oriented. The programmes on offer include state an internationally recognised Bachelor and Master programmes within the areas of Economics, Media/Communication, Health /Social Work, Tourism and Engineering. The concept of the FHM includes a large focus on practical, career orientation, individual tutoring and small group sizes. More information about the University, the organization etc you will find under FHM Homepage

International Programs

The International Academy of Students (IAS)/ University of Applied Sciences FHM offers Pre-bachelors and Pre-masters programs for foreign students, those who would like to pursue further studies in Germany.

At the FHM Schwerin Campus currently we conduct three programs for three different Student Categories:

Inter Cultural Program for Freshman (ICPF)

      a) For Engineers – ICPF Tech 
      b) For Medical Doctors – ICPF Med

Pre-Studies Program (PSP) for foreign pupils those who have completed their School level (12 years of schooling).

We are at present located in Lübeck (administration) and at the University campus Schwerin. We also have coordinators in India, Nepal, Malaysia, Srilanka, Indonesia and China. 

Background knowledge for ICPF Tech and Med: 

Facing life and further Studies in Germany, it is necessary to learn the German language. German language is the first urgent step on the way to university studies in Germany. IAS and FHM offer not only general German language courses, culminating in a final exam or DSH exam, but also technical or medical German vocabulary, depending on the chosen ICPF – program.

In addition participants will get socially and culturally integrated, will visit companies or hospitals and much more. View further details under Courses.

After ICPF Tech students can apply for Bachelor - or Master Studies at German Universities - depending on their former qualifications.

PSP's final exam allows to apply for Bachelor Studies in Germany. Find more detailed information under courses menu.