Scholarships available in Germany

15 Feb 2017 08:45 0 comments

There are many brilliant and academically sound students willing to study abroad but couldn’t do so due to financial constraints. Here we provide you an overview of the various types of funding offered by the funding organizations for a study stay in Germany.

Note: The students need to apply well in advance (at least a year before) and due to the increasing number of applications the chances of getting selected to these scholarships are very much reduced.

(IAS does not offer scholarships!)

Practical Traineeships for Foreign Students of Natural and Technical Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry 

Study Visits/Study Seminars and Practicals by Groups of Foreign Students

University Summer Courses offered in Germany for Foreign Students and Graduates 

Baden-Württemberg Scholarship for Students

Scholarships Awarded by the State Universities of Bavaria to promote further Internationalization (in the field of Science, Research and Arts). 

Scholarships for Students and Doctoral Candidates (Dr. Ing. Eh. Fritz Honsel Foundation) 

German Law on Support for Education and Training (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz – BaföG- This is similar to Educational loans of India/China) 

Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia: Higher education entrance scholarship of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia 

Basic Sponsorship form Germany Industry Foundation 

Scholarship to Gain a German Degree (Konrad Adenauer Foundation)

Apart from this many Universities also offer their own scholarship programs depending upon the students qualification, academic achievements etc.
More information could be found at DAAD website: