Pre Departure - TO DOs

10 Mar 2017 07:52 0 comments

Students of ICPF and AQUAS need to take care of the following before flying to Germany (Pre Departure).

Travel (When and How)
All students need to book their Flight to Hamburg (HAM), which is the nearest International Airport to University Campus in Schwerin.  

Flight information (Which airlines to take and best possible airport to reach) 
British Airways offers the most Baggage allowance for students (more kilos to carry). 
Also Air France, Emirates, Kuwait Airlines, Jet Airways are not far behind. So Students can book their tickets in any one of them. Some Airlines do offer Rail & Fly option. 

Foreign Exchange (How to convert and carry the money)
All students need to carry around 500€ as Cash to with them from their Home country. Even though the students have opened a Blocked Bank Account, to activate it after landing in Germany takes time.

Baggage (What to carry ?)
Students are confused when it comes to packing. What things to carry? Is certain things available in Germany? 
Here we try to list some important things you should take care:

  1. Medicine - If you are in need of certain prescribed medicines do carry it (along with the Doctor s Prescription). Generally, we recommend to pack a small kit with Band-Aid, Cold, Cough, Headache medicines & other necessary medicines.
  2. Clothes - T shirts(5-6), Jeans Trousers (3-4) will do. Might carry one or two shirts for some special occasions. Cotton pants are worn rarely due to climatic conditions. Bed Covers, Pillows are included in the accommodation.
  3. Any special Utensils (a Non-Stick Pan, A vessel, Small kitchen knife). Most of the Kitchens in Germany are well equipped. No need carry Spoons, Forks etc. No need for Pressure Rice Cookers- Many Hostels are equipped with Fire Alarm system for Smoke. Electric Rice cookers are available in Germany.
  4. Blazers or Suits - We personally recommend not to carry them. Students dont use them until they attend job Interviews.
  5. Winter Jackets and Woolen Inners  - ICPF Students (WS/SS) doesnt have to carry. Just PULLOVERS (Sweaters) are enough. Especially for students from India we recommend not to carry as they can by in German Local market itself.
  6. Do carry only Original DVDs, CDs or Softwares. Piracy is punishable in Germany upto 5 years in Prison.
  7. Laptops & Computers - Mostly Laptops are all pre-installed with German OS & Keyboard in Germany. Students need to order specially to get OS in English.
  8. Food & Cooking - All students must learn to cook. There are Cafeteria´s (MENSA) available at our Campus but only during midday. Morning Breakfast & Lunch needs to be self-cooked. Eating everyday at Restaurants/Fast Foods is not an option. Almost all that is available in your home country is also available in Germany. For Chinese Students, there are many Asian and Chinese Shops in every city. Similarly Indian/Srilankan Shops are selling almost all food items in need for cooking. Rice, all sorts of Grams, Spices, Vegetables are readily available.
  9. Books - Do carry only absolute necessary books
  10. Mobile Phones - Many Networks offer Mobile phones along with the contract. Students interested in NEW Smartphones can sign such contracts. Mobile companies charge around 20€ - 30€ per month.
  11. Vegetarians - Many Vegetarian foods are available in Germany. If students eat outside, Eggitarians fair better than those who don´t.