Admission Process - The Lifecycle

Step 1: Complete the application form and send across the required documents/wait for our international office to proof your documents(1 to 2 weeks)

Step 2: When accepted, students receive admission acceptance form, it has to be signed and send back to IAS College via e-mail as scanned copy

Step 3: Transfer Semester Fees (if in need of special letter for the bank loan, we can send to the student)

Step 4: Skype-interview

Step 5: After Skype-interview original admission letter sent via e-mail

Step 6: Open Blocked Bank account in Germany (This step can be also done earlier, depends upon the student)

Step 7: Apply for Visa (Visa process takes around 3-6 weeks & even upto 8 weeks)

Step 8: Once Visa issued, pack your bags to fly to Germany